Path to partial of someone else's plugin

How can I specify the path to the partial component of someone else’s plugin in the default.htm of a component? We need to extend someone else’s component, which consists of several partials

{% partial "@make_data_and_certificates" record = record %}
{% partial "@make_doctor_timeline" item = record.timeline.0 %}
{% partial "@make_doctor_feadback" item = record.feadback.0 %}
{% partial "@make_galleries" item = item %}

I will only replace one partial, so I don’t want to drag other partials into my plugin.

variants for specifying a path like
{% partial 'plugins/konvertagency/landing/components/partials/make_data_and_certificates' record = record %}
does not work

Hi @point111

This is an undocumented feature but you can use the {% include %} tag to include view paths. This is a bi-product of the Twig environment configuration integrating with Laravel.

{% include 'october.test::mail.some_html' %}

Create a view file in your plugin that includes this file to include it.

In this example the file would be in plugins/october/test/views/mail/some_html.htm.

I hope this helps.

I know this tag, but it’s not what I need.
I need to create a plugin that intercepts control of another component but can also use partials the component (old component)

Technically speaking you don’t need to rely or use any components partials. Just copy the markup you need to the theme. The documentation covers this in more detail here:

I use this method if I don’t find a solution.
My intent is to create a plugin that changes someone else’s component without additional actions in other directories. Just install the plugin, no changes to the theme directory or other directories.