`->pivot->save()` - possible infinite loop after upgrade to OctoberCMS 3


We are upgraded from OctoberCMS 2 to OctoberCMS 3 and we ran into the following issue: Xdebug has detected a possible infinite loop, and aborted your script with a stack depth of ‘1000’ frames.

$legal_relationship = $association->legal_relationships->where('id', $some_id)->first();
        if (isset($legal_relationship)) {
            $legal_relationship->pivot->membership_fee = 80;

The above code works fine with OctoberCMS 2, but the following error occurs with version 3:

I’m not sure if the code is incorrect or this is a bug.

Any help is appreciated.

A solution to the problem:

$association->legal_relationships()->updateExistingPivot($legal_relationship, ['membership_fee' => 50]);
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Hi and welcome @zssso

This is probably related to the different internals in the latest Laravel version.


Thank you for your answer.

I have an other issue I forgot to mention: After licensing the container the update process always fails with: “Update Failed - General Error. Status code: 500”. Then nothin works, no error, just a blank page. The workaround find if to delete the composer.lock file then run composer update.

Thank you. This should be fixed in the latest container image.

Great, thank you too!