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We are looking for a solution to generate Barcodes based on text code like: 23Dss2 . The output should be a valid, scanable Barcode like the ones on the products packages. We would like to mention that there is a plugin available on the Plugins section (For OctCMS V. 1X: Barcode Generator plugin - October CMS) but it’s deprecated since 2016…and no chance to work on PHP 7.3 or higher.

Thank you in advance and looking forward to hear some sugestions and solutions from you.

All the best.

Hello web22

Did you look for laravel barcode generators? Maybe something like this would suit to implement:

Here’s a HOWTO on use laravel packages in OC:

This plugin looks easy to upgrade. Just remove the laravel/support requirement and it should work.

Alternatively, copy the plugin to the plugins directory and install its dependency manually with this command:

composer require milon/barcode

Great. Thanks a lot for your reply. We will try to implement your sugestion.
All the best.

We are some kind of stuck with runng composer command on the online server (CPanel -Linux server) where we are working on the client website. Maybe you can help us with apply this solution without composer commands?

Thank you all.

Are you aware of the deploy plugin?

I have used that plugin a lot and found it really useful. Admittedly I did not have to use it with the latest version but as Sam says it should be straightforward to maintain yourself if you need to.

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The client October CMS install is 476 ov ver. 1 . The plugin is for 2.1.20 or above .

Does something stop you from updating to v2.x?

I once wrote a HOWTO on how I achieved that:

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I reposted this here for visibility

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