Plugin lifecycle & onRun ()?

Not sure, what and when was changed, but Plugin.php method onRun was not called and currently not sure, why. Some info are welcome… thanks.

I am guessing here, but it might be when using an AJAX partial.

The ajaxPartial tag will trigger a new lifecycle, called the capture lifecycle. It could mean onRun may get called.

When calling an AJAX handler from inside an AJAX partial, a capturing page life cycle is triggered that enables the use of AJAX handlers within the requested partials.

The capture life cycle renders the entire page, but it renders into the void. This way, we can initialize the page, including all the used partials and AJAX handlers.

using a onRun method inside Plugin.php file has nothing to do with ajaxPartial, i guess. i found an solution to bind event listenner to beforeDisplay, what is probably better.