Plugin Migration Does Not Run, Cause An Error

I have created a model for plugin. When I am trying to run migrate, faced an error called “Segmentation fault”.

  1. I created a plugin.
  2. I created a model with migration file. I fill columns.yaml and migration file.
  3. When I am trying to run migrate command, cause an error.

Hi @bilal

If you move the plugin outside of the project (temporarily), does the october:migrate command still segfault?

I move the plugin folder to Desktop (bhgre is folder name of my plugin). I still get the same error (segfault).

I tried a solution in another way. I built october cms by running sail. I did install october cms and create plugin and its migration file. I tried to run the same command.

I did not get an error like segmentation fault. But faced a response like nothing to migrate.

Edit: I succeed this. I could run migration properly. Still got error segfault but no matters for now.

Reference on docs: Version History - October CMS - 2.x

I’m glad you got it sorted. Regarding this issue, I’ve only ever seen it happen once, and it was because of a bug/quirk in the PHP version.

// Set variable in expression
if ($variable = 'something') {
    // ...

// Accessing the variable outside the above 
// expression would seg fault
return $variable;

Updating PHP might help.