Plugin specific Components with builder?

Hi All,

I have now built a number of plugins with builder to keep track of data from my project, now I want to display results on my frontpage but see that I depend on the Builder Component,
Can you also create your own components with Builder or is that something for the future?

Im my opinion, plugins created with builder, do not depend on builder.
Can you show me, why you think this?

well if I make a plugin with builder I have a nice plugin for the backend that’s great. But if I want to display results on the frontend I have to use the builder components for that.
If I install my plugin on another OctoberCMS installation, I also have to install builder to display the results on the frontend, which is not the intention.

Now I’m writing my own components by hand but it takes a lot of time because that’s new to me, so if that could also be done with builder it would be a lot easier

ok I understand. I never used the builder component (didnt know it exists).

I used builder to create a plugin, with backend forms. Then I created inside my new plugin a handwritten component, to display the data. Result: I dont need the builder plugin.

This component writing is a task of some minutes. For a beginner maybe longer. But not much.

You do not even need to hand write the component:

php artisan create:component Acme.Blog BlogPosts does all the work

Oke thx for your answer, I will dive in to creating components, i did find the scaffoling command that helped a lot indeed.