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  1. Is there any date (approximate) for the release of this e-commerce system?


  1. How/why would it be better than the Mall plugin ? Are there any unique features or benefits that set it apart?

We’re currently planning to implement an e-commerce solution on OctoberCMS in the near future, and this information will help us make an informed decision.

Thank you.

Hey @apinard

The target date for this feature is the beginning of 2024. It is a new first-class module that brings integration benefits, mainly being a concrete reference for other plugins to extend. A comparison can be done closer to the end of the year.

I hope this helps.



We are planning to begin with an ecommerce in OCMS. is there any progress in ecommerce side? Or should we consider some other plugins/etc…

Is there any near future date for it?

It should be soon. Email the helpdesk if you want to help beta test it: Contact Us - October CMS

We are 2 month later, is there any update about ecommerce feature ? If I remember well, it was firstly announced for Q1 2024, we are now in the middle of Q2 and the only info we can get is “soon”.

As a professionnal solution, it would be good to have clear vision about the roadmap to make informed decisions. The portal website is great to see what is coming but more informations about release dates would be welcome

Hi @PubliAlex

Thanks for following up. We shifted eCommerce from a core module to being split up into different plugins, which caused a delay.

The eCommerce plugin is currently being tested in closed beta. We expect it to be in about a month or so, although these dates are estimates, and circumstances can change along the way.

@daft Thank you for the clarification, really excited to test it

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