Privacy Sandbox

Hello guys,
Does someone know if there a solution on how to use Third-party cookies since the Google Privacy Sandbox ?

I saw that there are CHIPS, Storage Access API, or Related Websites Sets.

For example, i’m facing an issue with one of my websites, i was using a script from cdnjs and Google Chrome displays this message in the console, making the script not functionnal.
Third-party cookie will be blocked. Learn more in the Issues tab.

I saw that we can put a Header like this Set-Cookie: __Host-name=value; Secure; Path=/; SameSite=None; Partitioned;
where Partitioned lets us use some external scripts like maps, cdn, chats, payments, Headless CMS providers, etc…

So my question is this: Is October Dev Team currently working on integrating this new way of handling cookies?

Hi @Ladylain

We are not working on this, however, solving this specific requirement could be a good idea for a plugin.

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