Problem with caching Collections with Redis

I just work a lot with caching queries on my website with redis.

I realized I had to change Models or Collections to arrays before I can cache them, so I did.

But well, I reached some point where it’s impossible to do this: With pagination, my query return a LengthAwardPagianator object which I need to build the pagination in the frontend. But I cannot cache this. So it’s kinda a dead end for caching paginated lists.

Then I started searching and found a lot of examples where people cached models or collections and it worked, for example like in this video:

So now I further tested and tested and found an issue: Redis.

        $test = Cache::rememberForever('mytest', function () {
            return User::get();
            // Second test: return User::paginate();

This little codesnippet which should simply fetch and store the Rainlab users does work with cache driver “array”, but does not work with Redis. The following error message appears:

Exception: Serialization of 'Closure' is not allowed in ..

I could solve it with the ->toArray() method, but well… then the pagination and other methods I attached to a model (for ex) dont work.

So: I guess this might be a bug, since I do not expect a certain piece of code to work with the one, but not with the other caching method.

Thanks a lot for any help already. ^^

Some additional info, maybe it helps to solve the problem:

In this video, the Laravel guy clearly shows that an Eloquent Collection can be cached (4:38):

However, if I try to cache my October\Rain\Database\Collection, the Exception: Serialization of 'Closure' is not allowed happens.

What’s the difference between Eloquent and October Collections so this happens here?

Any possibility to fix it?

I’ve flagged this as a known issue for investigation. Thanks @LordRazen

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A fix for this should be included in v3.4

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