Problematic migration with builder plugin

I have already created three plugins using the builder plugin, one such plugin is called announcements.

Now the problem that I am facing is every time I try to create a new plugin, it tries to run the migrations in announcements plugin again.

I am assuming that those migrations are not marked as already migrated, therefore this error is happening. But I am unsure how this has happened and how to solve this.

I would appreciate if anyone can guide me in the right direction.

Update system_plugin_versions and system_plugin_history


You can also run the october:migrate command with --skip-errors to push it through.

php artisan october:migrate --skip-errors
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@apinard Thankyou for sharing about these tables, it gave me under the hood details of how October syncs versions and maintains plugin history.

@daft Thankyou! this solved the problem without me having to manually add the entries to the tables.

However, there is a problem after this, when I create a new plugin, Its not getting added to the plugin list (missing from the the system_plugin_versions, system_plugin_history tables also) even though the folder has been created.

Is this a different problem or connected to this?