Problems with dependsOn After the update to v3.6.25

After the update to v3.6.25, the “dependsOn” no longer works properly. In my case, the “partial_fields” field is no longer updated. In version 3.6.24 it work as it should.

        label: Select Folder
        span: row
        spanClass: col-12 col-md-6
        type: dropdown
        optionsMethod: Ohjunge\Helpers\Classes\FormHelper::getPartialFolder

        label: Select Partial
        type: dropdown
        span: row
        spanClass: col-12 col-md-6
        dependsOn: partial_folder
        optionsMethod: Ohjunge\Helpers\Classes\FormHelper::getPartialFile
        label: Select Partial fields
        span: row
        spanClass: col-12
        type: checkboxlist
        dependsOn: partial_file
        optionsMethod: Ohjunge\Helpers\Classes\FormHelper::getPartialFields
        quickselect: true

Hey @Amin

If I understand correctly, this is a cascading dependsOn definition. So when partial_folder changes it updates partial_file and is expected to update partial_fields last. Is that right?

Yes, that’s exactly how it worked with 3.6.24.

Hey @Amin

Thanks for reporting this. A fix has been published in v3.6.26.


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