Project create automatization

Hi community,

I want share with you my shell script for mac, which save me some time creating a project, maybe someone find it usefull.

WARNING: Its not a pretty code, its shitcode, but you can inspire yourself:

What is it doing:

  • Generate passwords for SFTP,DB and admin user
  • Get the OctoberCMS licence key via sellenium script
  • Create a GIT repository on GITLAB via API
  • Create public database on Websupport (Slovak hosting provider) - I am use it also in my local enviroment, becouse my local and public test site is like mirror :slight_smile:
  • Create SFTP account on Websupport (Slovak hosting provider)
  • Download octoberCMS via composer to the specified folder (for my case its /Sites/[name] becouse im using laravel valet)
  • Set up the OctoberCMS product key
  • Set up the .env file with the generated database, url, backend-uri, theme, and SMTP email account for testing
  • Install octoberCMS (with everything setted up)
  • Init git with setup the remote origin and push the initial commit to the gitlab
  • migrate the project
  • install my core octoberCMS plugins
  • install npm with my core libraries
  • copy my theme and other files (copy dir) with r-sync
  • admin user for backend creation with the sellenium script
  • git commit and push
  • laravel mix watch becouse of installing another libraries
  • print out all information and start coping gitignored files to the sftp account
  • other files its automaticaly uploaded by the gitFTP-Deploy app which I used

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