Question about multisite, multisite group content propagation


I have a multisite group / multisite installation configured like this :

- Cats
   - French
   - English
- Dogs
   - French
   - English

I have a tailor model like this :

handle: Sections
type: single
name: Sections
drafts: false
multisite: sync

    label: Sections
    icon: icon-server
    order: 15000

        label: Image de fond
        tab: Première section
        type: fileupload
        maxFiles: 1

When I edit the hero image in Cats > French website, I want it to be propagated to Cats > English, but not on any Dogs website.

Actually, with the tailor blueprint above, when I edit the image on Cats > French website, I also have to change it on the Cats > English website.

If I put the translatable: false, property to my hero_image, when I edit the image in Cats > French website, it is changed for all websites (even Dogs ones).

How can I propagate my field for all websites of the same group ?

Thank you

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