RainLab Builder modules(plugins) doesn't work PHP 8.1 Apache Octobercms v 3.0

I have installed default Octobercms 3.0 on Ubuntu Server with Apache and PHP 8.1 but after installing RainLab Builder for creat plugins manager panel of this plugin doesn’t work. Maybe trouble with AJAX, I don’t have time to search it. I can’t make a new plugin in Octobercms 3.0
Pls, fix this bug.

This is 2.0 with PHP 7.4 and 3.0 with PHP 8.1 on Apache Ubuntu Server

Hi @kodzero

Navigate to Settings → Builder and make sure the author details are set up. This is what controls the filter.

I had done it again but nothing.
With October CMS v. 2, I don’t have this problem

Sory now it’s work.
Not appear the first time after the filter. I don’t know why.
After clicking to filter several times I have seen it.

Thnx, Have a good day.

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