RainLab Translate - Switch beside the field


I’ve been looking and I think it’s not possible to change to do the translation using the dropdown like the version before, is that right?


 public $implement = [


        label: Name
        commentAbove: Text field, <a href="#">required</a>.
        commentHtml: true
        span: auto
        translatable: true


I’m seeing in red a translatable icon but there is no switch in the field (blue).

Is there any technical challenge keeping the dropdown? it is really handy instead of switching above with the language site - and more easy for the clients.

Thank you.

Up! I would like to be align with this. @daft any hints?

not sure if i was right or wrong in this reply, but…
as i know, that icon means, that field is translatable and translation is based on “sites management”.
and… there probably are some magic or may be in future a definition for manage languages per multiple sites…

for example:
you use multisite as multilang, then switching between sites is language switcher

or you using multisite for multiple different sites with multiple languages…
then on this case you use switcher for sites and for languages

I’m refering to this:


There was a switch right beside the field.

thanks for the reply @snipi

Hey @apinard

Soon, we plan on making the translatable icon clickable. This will open a fully qualified popup that shows one tab for each site. Inside each tab is the single field with its translated value. This would allow the user to quickly inspect and adjust the field across multiple sites in one action.

We think this should offer the equivalent functionality, whilst still retaining the power of the multisite implementation.


@daft looking forward to this.

Just giving an idea here, I think this could be visually efficient to know if a field needs to be translated and if so, with few clicks, being able to update it.

@daft @apinard

Yes that would be cool but what about this

Instead of popus or dropdowns or soemthing else.

Why not to group all translatables in one language tab?

That way it would be very clear for clients.

So in general

There will be two areas

One without translatables and beneth that could be the tabs.

This will be simple and straight forward.

Hi @ibrarartisan ,

Just to clarify, my suggestion is not a popup neither a dropdown.

The user click in the translatable field and all the active languages sets in Site are now showing with an input for each of them. You can translate directly and save right after.

Personnally, I have difficulty to imagine the idea of the language tab. Could you provide an example?

We need to remember that a user can be someone who is not familiar with technologies - who only wants to make his business run - so putting everything close and simple should be a key.

@apinard exactly that whats alot of clients suggested that if i can make it work like that, it would be easier for them.

Check out this plugin.

The approach i am talking is the same.

Here is an example of this approach.

Hi @ibrarartisan,

Ok yes I see ! Interesting.