Rainlab translate Url translation

I have multilingual pages as following


title = "Impressum"
url = "/impressum"
layout = "default"
meta_title = "IMPRESSUM"

localeUrl[en] = "/legal-notice"

and also


title = "Legal Notice"
url = "/legal-notice"
layout = "default"
meta_title = "Legal Notice"

to link to page

<li><a href="{{ 'impressum'|page }}">Impressum</a> / </li>

but the content is still from impressum.htm and not from impressum.en.htm

if i go to the url

domain.tld/impressum => works
domain.tld/en/legal-notice => works but content is from impressum.htm

is there anything i am doing wrong?

I saw that the suffix only worked within content.

By that way i made it work but may be direct page will also be a good idea.

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