RainLab.Translate use Session on frontend

Hello, I would like to know if RainLab.Translate supports sessions?
The problem is the following. I go to the site and select the language. I work on it. Then I go to the payment page and I am redirected to a third-party site. I am making payment. It takes me back to my site, but the site’s language becomes the default. Are there any ways to solve this issue?

Hey @Cryden

We surveyed and found that nobody used this feature, so you won’t find it in the Translate plugin (v2).

Storing the locale in the session is not good for SEO; however, it could be helpful for logged-in users, and in these cases, you can use this code to set the active site:

Site::setActiveSiteId(/* site id pulled from user profile or session */);

Hopefully this helps.