Rainlab User plugin - setting admin issue

I’m having issues where users checked as Admins in their profile (under extra) aren’t receiving emails to activate new members. The system settings are marked to have new users activated by admins. What am I doing wrong?

For the activation, the email is used for self-service, so I don’t think they will receive an email if the admin is to activate them.

There is an activation mode in the plugin for this and there already are people receiving emails to do this.
It doesn’t say how to turn it on or off though.

Still haven’t figured out this issue. I’ve deleted admin users from the system but the registration approval requests are still being emailed to that user.


I think I may have found the issue. It may be that the emails are hardcoded into the system somewhere.
If I were to hardcode emails to receive approval requests for new users, which file would it go?