Record finder list filters

Is it possible to add list filters to the backend record finder list?

I know you get a search feature in there, but I can’t see anything anywhere that mentions using filters within in the record finder list.

I’m not talking about using scopes either - I’ve seen that you can add a scope and a searchScope to the recordfinder config.

I’m talking about the filters that can be used on the regular backend lists - see screenshot below.

Are you looking for this?

Hi Alava,

Yes kind of. I know about these filter scopes… I’m just not sure how to use them, or even if they can be used, with the list shown with the record finder form field widget.

So what I want to do is use these…

With this…

I think you would have to create your own form field widget. Maybe, if you can use relationRender instead of Record Finder. In relationRender, you can specify filter scopes.

Record Finder doesn’t support filters at the moment, and it should be easy to add this feature

It requires passing the configuration and preparing the filter widget. Exactly the same as the Relation Controller.

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