Reorder - attach subcategories to many parent categories


I have a model called Member and another one Team. It’s a belongsToMany relation.

Right now, I followed the example in the test-plugin repository ;


Where “Web” is a Team, “Mobile” another Team and all records below Members. The issue is I had to create a member twice since he was in two categories (ex: Web & Mobile).

Basically, what would be the best way to keep that functionnality (drag n drop), but instead of creating duplicates, to have the possibility to attach a subcategory to many categories?

I’m using OctoberCMS v3.

Thank you.

Or, maybe I’m taking the wrong approach.

Is something like below would be more appropriate / doable ? with a button Reorder (but I think I read a post here and it was not working.)


Hi @apinard

It is possible, all you need to do is satisfy this interface:

Thank you, I’ll check.