Reorder behavior is deprecated


In the updated version the reorder behavior is deprecated.

How this works now. I already have a sort_order in db table.

@daft is there any documentation how can i get the behavior back.

Check out the documentation on sorting records and the sortable trait

@sixgweb you are right. But this is not what i meant. If the functionality is deprecated then there might be an alternative in the new update or something. In the builder plugin i can see the option ordering but that is not working as expected.

I see what you’re saying now; this is a builder issue. I installed a clean OCMS 3.4 and builder plugin and am able to reproduce the issue.

The structure checkbox values for the List Behavior inspector are not added to the hidden “behaviors[Backend\Behaviors\ListController]” input value, if they are checked.

You can report this as a issue on their Githbub page

In the meantime, you can use the Builder code tab and manually add the structure config to your controller’s config_list.php and add the trait to the model. Just keep in mind, the List Behavior editor will override your manual changes.


Thanks alot. Already added everything needed to solve this.

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