Sending emails with october

I try to send mail, but I get this error "Target class [mail. manager] does not exist." on line 805, can anyone have any idea please?

name: laravel/framework
descrip. : The Laravel Framework.
keywords: framework, laravel
versions: * v6.20.44

October version: v2.2.34

I think you need to install October.Driver plugin and configure email settings.

Install October.Driver plugin and configure email settings, but still the same issue…
What could be the problem

This looks cache related. Try running composer update again and also php artisan cache:clear.

The mail.manager container item is enforced by the october/rain package and should always be available. Make sure it is up to date and there are no other conflicting packages, for example, using a Laravel 5.5 mail package or using an October 1.1 library package.

I hope this helps

Thanks for your response everyone
I tried that too but still stuck
I share my composer.json file:

Everything looks good, except you don’t need the drivers plugin to be included (remove that).

Please try clearing the temporary php files in the storage/framework directory. This will clear the cache manually.