Sharing license key with freelancers

I got a general question: Since I also look out for freelancers to support me in my project, I face the problem that the candidates often dont have a licence which they could use to develop.

Since the licence is URL based, is there any risk for me if I share my license and they setup a local subdomain to my topdomain and use the licence for the installation?

From what I read, it’s one project, one top-level-url, one license. just wonder if there’re security problems beside… that the freelancer might use the licence for further development on his local environment.

From a technical perspective, when you run the project:set command it creates an auth.json file which contains a license hash. You can send them this file instead of sharing the key. Once your business is done with the freelancer, you can reset the hash in the settings area under API keys.

Alternatively, they can use the free docker image and you can share plugin files instead


Thanks a lot for the anwer. This helps a lot ^^