Sitesearch takes alot of time to search

I have isntalled sitesearch plugin to add basic search functionality to my site.

I have also added “include in sitesearch” component to the pages in editor as well.

When I use the frontend widget and query any search, it takes alot of time to come back with results, and most of the time gives a time out error.

How can I diagnose why this may be happening?

@tasaduqbahl disable all search providers and enable them one-by-one. SiteSearch executes the queries provided by the search providers. If a search providers runs a slow query, you need to optimize the query or add an index to your table.

Can you elaborate what are search providers and how do I disable them?

I finally understood what you meant, I was facing this problem with the editor/cms service provider.

Since I have created dynamic pages and I am not using static pages.

I also saw the brief note added on the CMS service provider which explained why I may be facing this issue, I think this plugin doesnt suffice my requirement out of the box and so I will have to write something of my own.

Any leads on searching dynamic pages will be appreciated. thanks.

After some research, I have decided that I will be moving my dynamic pages to static pages plugin, and using snippets to embed dynamic code.

As pages plugin has the built in search feature.