Snippets in flowing richeditor text?

So I created a component based snippet that simply renders to a link (<a href.="foo">bar</a>)

When I now insert it in rich editor in the middle of some text, the texts before and after the snippet get automatically wrapped with <p> text </p>. Even if I switch to code view and remove those <p>s manually and save, they reappear.

Any chance to avoid this, as I need to render the snippet without any line breaking, but just in the flowing text?

(The use case is that I want to place Links in (tailor)Blog Posts, where the link targets can change over time and therefore I want to manage the link targets (and anchors) centrally, so that I dont have to find and edit all blog posts once such a link changes… So if there other options to achieve this than using snippets I am also very interested to hear)

Thank you!

ps: workarounds also very welcome.

But I did some digging and as snippets get inserted as <figure>-Elements, the richeditor likely considers them as block-elements and therefore wraps adjacent text with <p>s .

So if there is no obvious solution or easy workaround, I’d like to make it a feature request to have an option to use some not so obtrusive element as figure for snippets. (I don’t know if its possible). Something like attached mockup would be great, if it possible.

(instead of this:

We’ve added “inline snippets” to our internal roadmap. Thanks for the suggestion!

Check out the insertPageLink toolbar item since it attempts to solve this central linking issue.

The links are stored using the following format:

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