Snippets within Tailor

There is a very nice example in demo theme for quick building custom page with repeater (About page example). Is there a way how to use snippet as block there, not only as part of richeditor?

And is there a way how to hide default scope published_at? I tried example:

    published_at: false
    published_at_date: false

but it does not affect anything (it’s documented approach).

Hi @Rike-cz

Using a snippet as a form field? There is no such thing at the moment. The published_at column is a core field that is not in the blueprint, so the override isn’t working for this reason.

It is technically a bug, and we’ve fixed it in v3.6.19

I hope this helps!

Thanks @daft

I thought using snippet as Tailor repeater group item (block). It may not make sense as form field, but when making web page like About page example in demo theme, it would be very handy. You can place text block, image block, then snippet (and fill snippet options like usual)… all simply through one page builder - repeater.

It’s only an idea :slight_smile:

Thanks @Rike-cz

It is a good idea, I’ve always thought about having an “inspector” form field but never found the use case for it.

I think you could easily make a plugin that introduces a snippet form field…