SortableRelation removes column sorting

When I use the SortableRelation trait with a structure definition of

>     structure:
>         showReorder: true
>         showTree: false

the rows can be dragged and sorted as expected. However the columns that were previously sortable

can no longer be sorted. Is this correct or am I doing something wrong?

Maybe this is correct because if you could sort by a column then dragging a row would be pointless. Its frustrating though because the old method of using reordercontroller behaviour seems to be deprecated? This allowed the sorting on a separate page allowing the columns to be sorted in the usual way. Have I understood this correctly?

Hi and welcome @axomat,

This is on our radar and we are planning to add a dual-mode to structures in v3 onwards.

It allows the user to toggle between sorted mode and structure mode. When sorted, the dragging/reordering is completely disabled and the user can toggle between these preferences.

Thank you, that would be perfect.