Sorting in relationManger


I am trying to sort the items inside a relation manager

the config_relation.yaml is

    label: Blocks
        list: $/my/blocks/models/blocksincms/columns.yaml
        toolbarButtons: create|add|remove|reorder
        form: $/my/blocks/models/blocksincms/fields.yaml
        recordsPerPage: 20

but for some reasons i cannot add the reorder button to the toolbar. if i add “reorder” as above i am getting error

The partial '_button_reorder' is not found.

which is understandable.

the following is my controller

    public $implement = [

    public $listConfig = 'config_list.yaml';
    public $formConfig = 'config_form.yaml';
    public $reorderConfig = 'config_reorder.yaml';
    public $relationConfig = 'config_relation.yaml';

after digging a while i understand the relationManager does not supports reordering. am i right or i am missing something?

thank you in advance.

There is an article on sorting related records here:

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@daftspunky thankyou. it isn’t working good becasue it says the

SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'my_cmsblocks_list_to_cms.sort_order' 

the belongsToMany is

        'blocks' => [
            'table' => 'my_cmsblocks_list_to_cms',
            'key' => 'entity_id',
            'pivotSortable' => 'sort_order',

The column is also present in the database table in the pivot table

the config_relation.yaml is

    label: Blocks
        showReorder: true
        showTree: false
        list: $/my/cmsblocks/models/cmsblock/columns.yaml
        toolbarButtons: create|delete
        form: $/my/cmsblocks/models/cmsblock/fields.yaml
        recordsPerPage: 20

is there anything i am doing wrong?

thanks in advance

@daftspunky well finds the answer

Note: Pivot data is not supported by deferred bindings at this time, so the parent model should exist. If your relation behavior config has deferredBinding: true, the pivot data will not be available to use in the list configuration (ex.pivot[attribute]).

in this case the defered binding should be false which will leads to many problems in the future, Looking forward for this Feature :slight_smile:
thanks alot.

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Yes, the code is there, but we had to disable it because it is too unreliable! Thanks for reporting back with the workaround.