Stateless setup with Githib actions?

Not sure if this is feasible, but we are currently running an October 2.0 docker instance that I want to move away from its current location, upgrading to 3.0 in the process. It is an internal app.

Its going to be moving into Azure to benefit from some of the features of Azure. With the Azure Web Apps these are much cheaper than running a standard virtual machine, and another app we have running in there leverages Github actions to pull the PHP code for the site from Github when the App is restarted. This works fantastic for that app as its a very simple PHP script.

What I am not sure is this can be done with October. I imagine, as long as everything is stored in the database and not in files (I do remember this being a setting in 2.0), and using the features of Azure to keep the database details and creds out of Github that this should be totally possible?