Structure Content menu created in blueprints


Could you please assist me in structuring the content menu? I have over 40 pages in my recent project, most of which are static pages. I would like to create blocks so that my client can edit these pages by adding and removing predefined blocks. Additionally, I aim to organize them as submenus under the main “Content” menu. However, I prefer to establish a structured approach to this without relying on any plugins, including my own.

How can I achieve this?

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I’ve achieved organizing content using blocks as follows. I created block/mixins where there are individual blocks. Then I created a BlockBuilder also mixin as a repeater with groups of mixin blocks. And then I just add it to the content type as a mixin. The blocks can only be manipulated via blueprint because the block content in the repeater is stored as JSON.
In the content I list them in a loop as the client sorts them. For each block I have partial.html and CSS.

Can you explain me better than you thought: organize them as submenus under the main “Content” menu

I would like to add a structure like:
Content (main menu)
Aboout Us (sub menu)
Children stories
Story and mission

Camp and Activities (submenu)

Does not need to look like this, just add a bit of structure.

Thank you

So it should probably be enough to create a type entry structure with depth. And structure the content underneath. Then on the page it is enough to write a recursive macro for the content structure to create a menu. Something like this:

{% macro render_toc(items, activeSlug) %}
    {% for item in items %}
        {% set hasChildren = item.children|length %}
        {% set isActive = item.fullslug == activeSlug %}
        {% set slugItem = item.fullslug %}

        <li class="{{ hasChildren ? 'collapsible' }} {{ isActive ? 'active' }}">

            <a href="{{ 'your_page'|page({ fullslug: slugItem }) }}" class="label">{{ item.title }}</a>
            {% if hasChildren %}
                <ul id="tocItem-{{ }}" class="collapse {{ isActive ? 'show' }}">
                    {% if item.children %}
                        {{ _self.render_toc(item.children, activeSlug) }}
                    {% endif %}
            {% endif %}
    {% endfor %}

{% endmacro %}

{% import _self as menu %}

{% set activeSlug = activeSlug|default(this.param.fullslug|default('')) %}
{% set menuLinks = menu.render_toc(items, activeSlug)|trim %}

You have to customize it according to what you use in the URL, whether fullslug or just slug or something else.

menu.render_toc(items …) are the items of your content structure

But I would like to do this in backend amind menu. Not in frontent

then just use a custom plugin for structured content management

I use the described structured content and I created my own plugin for creating menus with items.