Style Toolbar items

Hey everyone. Is there a way to style the toolbar content or at least give css styles to it so I can?

The toolbar item specifically I would like to style is the repeater dropdown items. Picture below for reference:

Hey @artistro08

In the Settings β†’ Customize Backend area there is a Styles tab where you can set global styles. This would allow you to style the dropdown.

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Awesome! Is there a way to automatically add to this section via plugin?

I should elaborate as well. I would like to add a class to one of those and make it disappear via plugin if it’s possible

Yes, sure, you can programmatically inject CSS here using the backend.layout.extendHead event.

Event::listen('backend.layout.extendHead', function ($controller) {
    if ($controller instanceof \Tailor\Controllers\Entries) {
        return '<styles> /* ... */ </styles>';
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That helped! Thank you.

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