Switch options in OctoberCMS V3 do not work

In OctoberCMS V2, the options were on the switch, in OctoberCMS V3, the options are not shown, probably because there is no place.

yaml code:

      label: 'konvertagency.landing::lang.interface.swiper_on'
      type: switch
      span: auto
      comment: 'konvertagency.landing::lang.interface.swiper_on_dec'
      default: 1
        - 'No swiper'
        - Swiper
    #      'on': 'swiper'
    #      'off': 'no swiper'

I propose the output of the option after the label:
on the same line

Yes, this option has been removed in v3. The label can use appropriate language to overcome this.