Switch Order or Filter Scope Switch

If there’s no solution for this, this is a suggestion:

I use a switch in a config_filter file but the problem is the order of the switch itsself:

First the field is empty, if clicked you see “-”, if clicked again you see “check” and if clicked again iot’s empty again. I can change the conditions like this:

        type: switch
            - collection = 1
            - collection = 0

But that doesnt change the order of the switch. Now if you see the “(-)”, it’s filtered for collection = 1, if you click again and see the “check” it’s filtered for 0, this is wrong.

If you see the check, you should filter for 1, if you see the “(-)”, you should filter for 0.

But the “check” should actually come first and I think this is the more logical behaviour anyways:

If I switch, I dont want to filter for the records which do not fullfill the condition first, I want to filter for the records which fulfull the condition, and that would be the “check” option, and not the “-” option.

If there’s a solution to switch this, it need to be added to the doc page… and no, changing the default is not the solution. default should still be empty, but… as a sumup:

The cycle:
“empty” => “-” => “check” => "empty
should be changeable (or default) to:
“empty” => “check” => “-” => “empty”

That should make it more clear I hope :slight_smile: