Taglist explode error

Hi! I get an error when using a taglist field with dynamic options:

Is something wrong in my code?

    label: 'Tags'
    type: taglist
    options: \My\Plugin\Models\Settings::customTagsOptions
    mode: string
    separator: space
    customTags: true
public static function customTagsOptions($model, $formField)
    $options = ['tag-1', 'tag-2','tag-3','tag4', 'tag5', 'tag6'];
    return $options;

Hey @Radek

I can’t reproduce this using the information provided. The attribute on the model is being returned as an array when the taglist is expected to receive a string. In this instance, it should fail with this error.

Check that the tags attribute is not a relation, cast as an array, or included in jsonable.