Tailor and MultiSite - How to do best?

Hey :wave:

I have OctoberCMS installations with these setups:

  • Tailor
  • MultiSite: sync
  • Tailor Blog-Post Blueprint

When the editor is creating a Blog-Post with Tailor, it will be written in German (as example). Then, some topics will get the English translation later. But each translation relates to the same article, so MultiSite sync seems good here, right?

When I created the German post. And I switch the site to the english site with the site switcher. Then it doesn’t copy the content from the German post anymore. It’s since one of the last 3.6.x updates.

Did the “copy content over to other locales” feature was removed? Or do I just use it wrong? :slight_smile:

Hey @renick

It will copy all attributes to other locales when the record is first created. From there, the field should be set to

translatable: false

And then it will be copied every time, but then, you can’t customize it for each site either.

I hope this helps!

Hey :wave:, so I guessed it. But when switching from DE to EN, it copies the fields but not my main repeater field. I’ve a field containing repeater group items (image, paragraph, video, …). This field is not getting copied anymore. May it’s also related, that I have different content groups of article.

A different content group will indeed affect the replication, since they will use different structures. If the repeater is set to replicate (translatable: false), it should share the same data in the table.

If you think it might be a bug in the platform, email the reproduction details here: Contact Us - October CMS