Tailor blueprints multisite categories problem

Hello! I’ve encountered some strange behavior with tailor blueprints in multisite mode. There’s a post that translated fine into all languages. I create a category in the main version of the site, then switch to the versions in other languages and add categories but in their respective languages. The categories all show up fine. Then when I try to assign already created publications to categories, something strange happens. I assign a publication in Russian to a Russian category, save it. Then I go to the English site, assign the publication to an English category, save it. When I go back to the Russian version, the category is not assigned.

I am using the default blog blueprint scheme that comes with October CMS after installation.

Maybe my answer to my own question will help someone, how I solved this problem, I’ll post screenshots

Hi Jaans, did you managed to solve this problem?
I’m encounter the same with mine nl/en website.

Hello, the problem still persists. I solve it in the following way: I create a publication but do not assign a category. Then, I save the publication. After that, I go back and select a category, and save it again. This is inconvenient, but for now, it’s the only way to do it without duplication.

Hm, not ideal situation for me as more people working with it.
@daft , have you faced this issue earlier?

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Can you check to see if it happens on the latest version (v3.6.9)? There was a small bug in the multisite that caused duplicated records and prevented translatable belongsToMany relations.

Hello! try this settings

At the moment, after updating to version 3.6.9, category duplication is not detected and everything is working as it should. Thank you.