Tailor detail page link

First time I want to use Tailor functionality but i be unsuccessful.

I have news and news detail page. But i can’t get detail page link. What is my wrong? Also I can’t open manually news detail page through direct link.

I need community help immidently.

Here is second page’s screenshot

@daft You are seer of this forum and October CMS community and I think you might know solution of this problem.

Hi. The link is wrong in the for loop.
According to the photo, it should be:
{{ 'news'|page({slug: post.slug}) }}

And also in the details page, under the section component, you should add:
entrySlug = "{{ :slug }}"

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Dear @federico.schafer , First of all, thank you for answer.

  1. I changed code on list page like your suggestion. {{ 'news'|page({slug: post.slug}) }}
  2. I added entrySlug = "{{ :slug }}" on detail page.

but nothing changed.

İ added detail page link on description area on the news list page for show clearly. Result is still same…

Tailor and Blueprint is new functionality for October CMS. I want to learn this one. But I have not source enought. And I have project on october cms with limited delivery deadline.

I need community help immidently.

Hi, Have a look at the docs. There are also examples.

Use this identifier key to look up the entry, supported values are slug, fullslug or id. Default: slug

Use this identifier value to use to look up the entry, optional. Leave empty to use the identifier key as the URL parameter name. Can be set to a hard coded value, or a custom parameter, eg: {{ :slug }}

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Dear @Amin.

Thank you for your answer. I already read this documentation.

But I can’t find my mistake on code. Could you say any solution to correct my code?

I actually reviewed this documentation and made some changes.

  1. I removed section name on section area.

First version:
[section section_news]


Look attached screenshots on this ticket.

Also I removed following lines:

isDefault = 0
entrySlug = {{:slug}}

Now, detail page is working correctly.

But I can’t solve detail page link problem. I found temprary solution like this one:

{{ 'news'|page({slug: post.slug}) }}/{{post.slug}}

I ask this question again, because I wan’t learn deep mind of tailor and blue print approach

try this instead: {{ 'news-detail'|page({slug: post.slug}) }}