Tailor fields context

Hello, I decided to try to study Taylor. I noticed that the fields in blueprints do not support the context. For example title@update. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Hey and welcome @Cryden,

While context is supported, I think the context is always update because of the draft feature. When drafts are used, a “throwaway” record is created and so the context is always update.

We could add this feature by emulating the context. Can you give a simple real-world example of a single field that might use this context feature in Tailor?

Example: when creating a record, I select a parameter and save, the updated record includes those fields that match the parameter.

That makes sense, I think. This platform issue should be sent to email support so a ticket can be created for it.

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Confirming support for this should be fixed in v3.1.5

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