Tailor: generic main navigation item

Hi, I understand how the Tailor navigation items work, but there are a lot of scenarios that I can’t figure it out how to do it without it getting “messy”.

I mean, for example, I need this main menu item: Team. And inside it two submenu items that will be two structure blueprints, Editors and Translators. But then, the main navigation item has to be defined in one of them, lets say in Editors. So, in translators, in the navigation parameter, I have to set the parent with the Editors blueprint handle… which gets confussing, cause it’s not really the parent… and if instead of two blueprints there are more it gets more difficult to find where the main navigation was declared.

Is there another way to do this?

The “Team” link needs to link somewhere, so in your example it would link to Editors. This is why the relationship exists this way, one must be the primary navigation.

To solve this, we could add support for a “blank blueprint” that merely defines the primary navigation, which the others can reference. In this case a Team blueprint as just a navigation resource.

uuid: b6884c2f-81c8-4f07-bf93-0f0424b07a45
handle: Team
type: empty

    label: Team
    icon: icon-team
    order: 199

It would link nowhere too…