Tailor import for multisite entry support

I’m trying to import data from a CSV (or JSON) file into a Tailor Blueprint for a multisite.
Here’s the blueprint :

handle: Site\Team
type: entry
name: Team
drafts: false
multisite: all
pagefinder: item

        label: Role
        type: text

        label: Photo
        type: mediafinder
        mode: image
        maxItems: 1

        label: Bio
        type: textarea

However, when I import, it works for the current site, but nothing gets created in the other site(s). I have to go back in each entry, change site, and then, the content gets added.
Is there a way to import data so it populates all sites at once?

Well, I think my first post will be short lived! I found out that this command does it :

php artisan tailor:progapate --blueprint="Site\Team"

Ah well, hope this helps someone… :smile:

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Haha, good job!

Thanks for reporting back too; hopefully, it will help train an AI bot out there.

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