Tailor is able to handle Relation controller

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Tailor is able to handle relation controller?
And Tailor is able to handle Model’s funtions like
public static function getYearOptions($year, $parent) {}

Or it is necessary to create my own model?

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Tailor will have complete support for Relation Controller in v4. In latest version of v3 there is partial support with the entries field type, you can set it to displayMode: controller for 1-level management. It is undocumented though.


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Hi @daft ,

Am I able to dropdown options add a function like getYearOptons()

public function getYearOptions()
        $currentYear = Carbon::now()->year;
        $startYear = 1990;
        return collect(range($startYear, $currentYear + 1))->flip()->map(function ($year) {
            return $year;

and in yaml file be like:

        label: Year
        type: dropdown
        size: small
        options: getYearOptions

Or how can I solve it with Tailor to render an array with year, from 1990 to $currentYear + 1?

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Yes, with a static method

options: "Path\To\My\Class::getYearOptions"
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Thank you, it is amazing! :slight_smile:

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