Tailor Link not working anympre after upgrade to ocv3.6.12

I have a structure to handle page menu, from the starter tailor theme, and after upgrading to oc v3.6.12, all the links changed to a unique link as per screenshot

but when I try to update the link manually, the link is already correct, even after setting it back.

in fine, all the links go to this contact page even though it is not set anywhere.

bugs me!

any one facing this issue? @artistro08

Same here with this starter theme and v3.6.12, slug points to the right page, but Page is set to /home.

Same error after update to v3.6.12.

I did some testing on my end it may be a bug, but not 100% sure.

@daft any ideas?

Tailor Page Finder not work either in structure or mixin or in global after update to 3.6.12. In ver. 3.6.11 working perfect. ( two groups of sites - each with 2 sites in a different language )

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It definitely might be a bug with October then.

{{ ‘page’|page(fullslug,‘novini’) }} - also does not return a correct link

Please try updating to v3.6.13 to see if it helps.


This should be

{{ ‘page’|page({ fullslug: ‘novini’}) }}

After update to 3.6.13 - link, page and pagefinder working fine. Thanks!


After update: