Tailor multisite:sync to multisite:true

On one of my sites I have created blueprints with multisite:sync.

With some records added I have decided to switch to multisite:true as I didn’t want to have same records on all of my sites.

After this change I have noticed that records are still (partially ?) synced and sometimes multiple relations are created.

Is this change from multisite:sync to multisite:true even supported? Documentation doesn’t mention this.


I have tested this more and I am not sure if this is a bug or I do not understand how Tailor and Multisite should work together.

  • I have created 3 separate Sites and every one has a different language
  • I have:
    • Simple Categories blueprint with multisite:true
    • Simple Records blueprint with multisite:true and with relation to Categories

When I add a new Category (in primary site), 3 records are added to categories tailor table - one for each site.

When I add a new Record (also in primary site) and set the relation to category, 3 records are added to records tailor table - again one for each site.

And what is the most strange behaviour - relation between Record and Category is shown 3 times in Records list.

In tailor relation table (for Record blueprint) there are 3 rows with identical data in all columns (parent_id, relation_id, relation_type).

Am I doing something wrong or is this intended?

Hey @jan-vince

In tailor relation table (for Record blueprint) there are 3 rows with identical data in all columns (parent_id, relation_id, relation_type).

This definitely shouldn’t happen. Can I confirm are you on the latest version? Also, what are the step by step instructions from a clean install to arrive here?

Hi @daft,

this is the latest 3.6.8.

I will try to reproduce this on a clean install as this site is almost 6 month live and I do not recall every step.

The only change in blueprints was from sync to true. Now I have set them to multisite: locale and duplication of records stoped.

Strange is that there is no site_id in relation tables (as shown on picture above).

I will dig deeper and let you know.

I have quickly tested it right now:

  • Clean web install of OC (3.6.8) with SQLite DB
  • Added 2 sites:
    • Czech - czech locale, own template, URL prefix /cs
    • English - english locale, own template, URL prefix /en
  • Added simple blueprints (item + category) with multisite:true

Records added to Czech site are duplicated to English site (and I think they shouldn’t be) and categories relations are multiplied exactly as shown on picture in previous post.

PS: Multiplication of categories happens only on create when I check a category. When Item is created without Category and Category is added in update, there is only one relation (as it should be).

@daft I can move this conversation to GitHub issue if you think this is a bug in OC.

My blueprints files:


uuid: a13be5c6-26f1-46a7-bf7a-02490ec97b22
handle: Reference\Item
type: structure
name: Reference
drafts: false
multisite: true

    label: Reference
    icon: octo-icon-file
    order: 900

    icon: octo-icon-pencil
    order: 100

    maxDepth: 0
    showReorder: 1
    showSorting: 1

        label: Content
        type: richeditor
        column: false

        label: Category
        type: entries
        source: Reference\Category


uuid: 9fd55c78-3952-4d36-b693-647bb6649322
type: structure
handle: Reference\Category
name: Category
drafts: false
multisite: true

    maxDepth: 1

    parent: Reference\Item
    icon: octo-icon-list-ul
    order: 200

        label: Content
        type: richeditor
        column: false

        label: References
        source: Reference\Item
        type: entries
        inverse: categories
            label: No of references
            relation: references
            relationCount: true
            type: number
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Thanks for the detailed issue report. These example blueprints were helpful in locating the issue.

There is a fix coming for this in v3.6.9

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