Tailor navigation extension


I’ve tried Tailor and created a few pages with blocks. It works great, basically the same as I always do with the Static Pages plugin:


{repeater name="sections" groups="~/themes/mytheme/meta/blocks.yaml" tab="Blocks"}
    {variable name="_dummy" type="text"}{/variable}

  {% for section in sections %}
     {% partial 'blocks/' ~ section._group data=section %}
  {% endfor %}
  {% page %}


    name: Contact Info
    description: Contact Info
    icon: icon-book
            label: Contact form 
            type: section
            span: left
            label: Contact form intro
            type: text
            span: left

The advantage of using the Static Pages plugin is that the end-user can still control the navigation bar, move pages around using the Static Menu component and hide pages.

Is that something that you would consider adding to Tailor as well? That way, we can move every page over to Tailor, making it easier for the end user to manage static pages.


The way I’ve gotten around this was I created a tailor structure that allows you to pick a page or page type. It’s heavily inspired by the pages plugin. You can check out the code here:

Here’s the markup: