Tailor related model through Relation Controller not propagating multisite

Hi, I have set two related blueprints in tailor. Both use multisite features.
They are related throug an entries field with displaymode controller. The problem is that when you change info of a related model IN the relation controller, the propagation of fields marked as propagatable: true is not taking place. BUT, if you edit the record directly (NOT in the relation controller, it works.).
These are the blueprints (Note that the “producto” blueprint has a field “description” that is propagatable. It works as expected when editing the record… but NOT when you edit it in the “entries” relation controller off the “servicios” blueprint.)

Producto blueprint:

handle: Productos
type: entry
name: Productos
drafts: false
multisite: sync

    label: Productos
    icon: icon-magic
    order: 110

showExport: false
showImport: false


        type: mixin
        source: Precio

        label: 'Descripción'
        type: textarea
        size: small
        propagatable: true

Servicios blueprint:

handle: Servicios
type: structure
name: Servicios
drafts: false
showExport: false
showImport: false
multisite: sync
    buttonCreate: Nuevo Servicio

    maxDepth: 1

    label: Servicios
    icon: icon-tree
    order: 140

    icon: icon-tree
    parent: Servicios
    order: 10

        placeholder: Título servicio

        label: Productos
        type: entries
        source: Productos
        displayMode: controller
        toolbarButtons: create|add|remove

Precio mixin (just in case):

handle: Precio
type: mixin
name: Mixin Precio


        label: Precio
        type: text
        span: left
        label: Moneda
        type: dropdown
        options: \Vox\Nuthost\Classes\Currency::listCurrencies
        placeholder: --Seleccionar Moneda--
        required: true
        span: right

By the way, I also tried as the documentation says with translatable property… i doesn’t work either, but worse… it doesn’t work directly neither. I don’t know why the documentation doesn’t mention “propagatable” property.

I have investigated it further… in the tailor relation controller, the creation of a record doesn’t trigger the sync of that record. I mean, in my example, the producto model has multisite sync. BUT if I create one in the servicios relation controller of a particular site, it doesnt trigger the creation of the record in the other locales/sites. It just ignores that the model had sync. So the relation controller also can’t act as a propagatable relation if you crete related records on the fly (that don’t exist in other sites).

Oh, yes, it may require ->save(['propagate' => true]) to be added since records do not propagate by default.

If it’s not too much trouble, could you email this to the helpdesk to get it looked at? Contact Us - October CMS


Sent! Thank you @daft as usual for your help!

No worries, this was a simple fix - included in v3.6.11. Everything should work as expected with this version, and it should be released soon.

Thanks for the sample blueprints!