Taylor and link building

Please help me figure out what to do with the formation of URL addresses.

I need all pages in this format:

  1. Regular pages - domain/slug
  2. Blog and blog posts - domain/blog/slug
  3. Information sections and articles. Here categories are created in Taylor and that means slug cannot be written in files - domain/category/slug
  4. Store - domain/category/slug

I exclusively use Taylor to create everything above. In the first and second paragraphs, I still understand how to do it, but in 3 and 4 I no longer understand how to implement it correctly. I don’t need prefixes in links like domain/shop/category/product

I need you to share what to do in such a situation.

Contents of the pages folder at the moment:


url = "/:fullslug*"
layout = "default"
title = "Page"

[section ContentPage]
handle = "Content\Page"
entrySlug = "{{ :fullslug }}"
entryColumn = "fullslug"
entryDefault = 1


url = "/blog/:slug"
layout = "default"
title = "Post"