Translating custom plugin created from builder

Can anyone please point in the right direction as to how I can enable translations in the custom plugins I have created using builder plugin?

It’s called localization in the docs: Localization - October CMS - 3.x
Builder also support creating “PHP-based (Laravel) translations” in plugin’s Localization section.

The documentation about Localization is focused on backend translation.

However, I am looking to translate the content that I has been added using the custom plugin I have created.

The plugin for instance has discounts/coupons, and I want them to be translated on the frontend as per the language selected.

Custom content (model data) could be localized with Multisite trait if OctoberCMS installation uses multisite for translations, or with TranslatableModel behavior available in RainLab.Translate plugin.

Thankyou for sharing about the Translatable Model behavior, that helped me get the job done!

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