Translation incomplete


I see some not translated string in the backend. I searched for the strings in the files:


Did i miss something? I would like to contribute if possible.


Hi @martin.schaible

Info on providing translations can be found here:


I can’t find these strings there. Eg, The description of the sitemap or roles item

Sitemap is a sample page provided by a blueprint in the app directory. The translation for this should go there. Or delete the blueprint to remove it.


I have found many other strings not translated to german: In the admin menu under Blog and Content the items are in english. If i click to “All Articles” i see many english strings.

I would help to fix those if possible.


so this is the blog plugin from rainlab?

if so, you can create a pull request to the repo

quickly, i see 172 lines in lang.php for DE and 174 lines for EN.

I didn’t install a plugin or anything else. It is a plain installation.



I see. I think this is Tailor. One way could be to search for the string in your project through vscode, find out what is refering the string, then look the path of the file, it should give you an hint in what repo the modification should be done

Thanks, will try it and hopefully contribute at Github.

Tailor translation strings should go in the app/lang directory. Since they are custom files, like blueprints, so you must translate them yourself.

Why are they custom files? These menu and submenu items are a part of the product. As i wrote before, this is a fresh installation without adding anything at all.

Technically they are not part of the product, they are demo files for you to customize (or delete).

The files are seeded custom files that come with the demo theme. You can delete them in the app/blueprints directory. The source files can be found in the themes/demo/seeds/blueprints directory.