Tutorial "Frontend Form"

Hello everyone

I am quite new to octobercms with advanced topics in Frontend. I normally use plugins for contactform etc. But now I want to create a own contact form and as far as I now in OctoberCMS it is possible without a plugin to create a contact form.

Is there any tutorial how to makes this? As I see there is the relax theme. Is this still a way to go with v.3

Thank you

Some steps ahead:

  1. Create a partial contactForm
<form data-request="onContactForm" data-request-update="contactForm: '#contact-form'">
.. your form fields ..
  1. On page create a container (div) with id
<div id="contact-form">
{% partial 'contactForm' %}
  1. on page, where you put that partial, switch to code mode and make method onContactForm
function onContactForm() {
 /// logic to process contact form, eg. send email with filled form, etc.