Twig, placeholder, form model and form value

I have a form_template in twig that looks like this:

{{ form_ajax('onSubmit', {
   id: "{% placeholder form_id type='text' %}",
   flash: true,
   validate: true,
   class: "{% placeholder form_class type='text' %}",
   model: mymodel
}) }}

    {% placeholder form %}
{{ form_close() }}

Then I have a partial basic in a component that implements field inputs such as:

<input id="address" type="text" name="address" value="{{ form_value("address") }}">

and finally, the company default partial using the form template like this:

{% put form %}
{% partial __SELF__ ~ '::basic' %}
{% endput %}

{% partial '@form_template' mymodel = %}

at the end of the rendering the value of field input address is not displayed with form_value.

If I do a test by copy/paste the line form_value inside the form_template partial, then the address value is displayed.

Is there any way to make this partil/placeholder cascading work?

I suspect this doesn’t work because of the placeholder that renders before the {{ form_open }} function has run.

Consider dropping the use of form_value for just accessing the model directly.

value="{{ mymodel.address }}"

thanks @daftspunky
I suspected the same and switched to use the model directly.